EVOMOTIV accelerates document generation in Salesforce with DocXpert

Simple document generation from Salesforce without error-prone copying and pasting of data: That was the goal of EVOMOTIV. With the introduction of the Salesforce app DocXpert, the innovation partner of the mobility industry succeeded in solving the issues associated with cumbersome and error-prone documents, resulting in significant time savings.

Initial Situation: Time-consuming, manual document generation

As an innovation partner in the mobility industry with approximately 450 employees, EVOMOTIV successfully executes safety-critical projects in areas such as automated driving, alternative propulsion, and Car IT. Salesforce solutions are used in HR to centralize data and automate processes.

The HR challenge for EVOMOTIV was the generation of a multitude of documents by a specific deadline. These documents included various types such as employment contracts, cover letters, and onboarding documents. Many of these documents shared a similar structure, with only certain sections varying between them. The required data for their creation was stored in Salesforce and had to be manually inserted into the documents, which was not only time-consuming for employees but also error-prone.

Several attempts were made to enable document creation using Salesforce’s built-in tools, but they proved unsuitable for EVOMOTIV’s document structure requirements.

DocXpert – Transform your Salesforce data into documentsThe Solution: DocXpert, a Salesforce App for Document Generation

Since the native Salesforce tools didn’t lead to a solution for the challenges, various Salesforce applications from the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace were considered.

During the selection process, multiple apps were thoroughly evaluated for their functionalities through an extensive testing phase. Ultimately, DocXpert, the Salesforce app from the Salesforce implementation partner H+W CONSULT, impressed the EVOMOTIV team with its feature set and licensing cost. DocXpert enables document creation with dynamic data from Salesforce in both docx and PDF formats. Thanks to its high flexibility and the ability to define dependencies between text components and data, EVOMOTIV’s template requirements could be met. The desired value-added benefits were achieved with DocXpert.

You can find more about the features of DocXpert here.

Quick implementation of DocXpert

The short onboarding time with DocXpert was also convincing.

From a technical perspective, the integration, with the help of the provided user manual and template designer, was a manageable endeavor. After a short familiarization period, it was straightforward to use custom objects as a source as well. The manual provides a step-by-step, detailed description of the entire installation and setup process.

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Result: Significant Time Savings in Document Generation

Thanks to the introduction of the Salesforce app DocXpert, significant time savings were achieved in document creation, leading to increased efficiency.

Nelly, Team Leader of the HR Department at EVOMOTIV, is also very enthusiastic:

"Creating custom templates is extremely straightforward. It's user-friendly and ensures that every user can create error-free documents with just a few clicks. This not only increases efficiency but also enhances the quality. I'm delighted every day."

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